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Forced to Flee, See What Rohingya Refugee Children Find and Keep

They had to leave everything behind when they fled Myanmar for Bangladesh.

Two years after being forced from their homes by mass atrocities in Myanmar, nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees are still waiting for justice and a say about their future while struggling for safety and dignity in Bangladesh as refugees.

1 million

Rohingya have fled Myanmar

Five-year old Rohit found this belt buckle. He keeps it with him because it’s shiny and – he believes – valuable.
Rokhaida, 8, carries an empty medical container. At the camp in Bangladesh, many of the Rohingya refugees are sick and in desperate need of medical services.
Mohammad found this plastic phone in a snack box he received. The 10-year-old fled Myanmar after his home was burned down. One day he wants to have a real phone to call his friends.
Jasia is happy. She found a lost ring. But she doesn’t want to be married anytime soon.


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