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CARE’s Top 11 Stories of 2019

From a wedding dress shared among Syrian refugees to breaking news coverage of a lethal cyclone in Southern Africa, here are the most popular stories CARE published this year.

Photo: Paddy Dowling/CARE

11. Venezuelan Refugee Crisis, an Exodus in Photos

Venezuela is experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. More than 4.6 million people have fled political instability, soaring crime rates, hyperinflation, extreme food and medicine shortages, and the collapse of public services.

These photos provide a glimpse of the journey and devastating reality for millions of Venezuelan refugees. Read More

Photo: Courtesy Shinina Shani

10. How Community Activists in Kenya are Working Together to End Female Genital Cutting

Kenya banned FGM in 2011, but the practice continues. Due to poor enforcement of the law, community activists have made it their mission to save girls from this harmful tradition. Read More

Photo: Josh Estey/CARE

9. Meet the Ecuadorian Woman Who’s Hosted More Than 9,000 Migrants

Mama Carmela offers food, shelter and support at her family home to those fleeing Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis. Read More

Photo: Josh Estey/CARE

8. This 10-Year-Old Girl Has to Leave the Country Every Day for School

In Venezuela, people are starving and kids across the country are missing out on their educations. Read More

Photo: Josh Estey/CARE

7. Caught in the Crossfire of Civil War in South Sudan

Armed soldiers killed Grace’s father and raped her during civil war in South Sudan.  The 17-year-old orphan and mother shares her story of heartbreaking loss and horrific assault. Read More

Photo: Josh Estey/CARE

6. A Pregnant Mother’s Harrowing Journey on Foot From Venezuela

Living in Venezuela became unfeasible for Génesis Gonzales and her young family a long time ago. But it wasn’t until recently that she made the impossible decision to leave home, family and friends in search of a better future for herself and her children. Read More

Photo: Josh Estey/CARE

5. Cyclone Idai Aftermath in Photos

Almost 1.85 million million people in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe were affected by Cyclone Idai in March. CARE responded immediately to deliver aid to those most in need. Read More

Photo: Kate Adelung/CARE

4. Inside the Handicraft Collective Helping Women Fight the Stigma of Disability

Women living with disabilities are severely discriminated against in the country of Georgia and often prevented from working or socializing. Read More

Photo: Laura Noel/CARE

3. Meet the Racecar Driver Leaving Gender Stereotypes in the Dust

Car racing may be a male-dominated sport, but women like Marah Zahalka are changing that in the West Bank. Read More

Photo: Kate Adelung/CARE

2. The Wedding Dress of Azraq Refugee Camp

How one woman’s wedding dress has made a difference in the lives of many Syrian refugee women. Read More

Photo: Raegan Hodge/CARE

1. Meet the Runaway Bride Helping to Stop Child Marriage

Mikre was forced to marry at age 12, but Mikre wanted an education, not a husband. Now she’s helping end child marriage in her community. Read More

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